Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Daddy's Home

We all love when Daddy comes home!

Growing Like Weeds

Blake, Montana, and I looked through some pictures last night and we couldn't believe how fast the girls are growing! Everyone says that and I certainly believe it! Here they are in the last week or so.

If You're Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands

Melissa, do you like the dress?

We are getting ready early

The most decorated branch on the tree...gotta love it

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sweet Sisters

I love this and wanted to share it with everyone.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Girls, Girls, Girls

This weekend was girl-time. Daddy had our girls while Mommy went out with her girlfriends! I had so much fun hanging out with NOLA friends and the girls told me they loved being with Daddy. I'm posting some random pics of the girls and a couple pics from the weekend.

Swinging Sage
Montana likes to help me cook and I love having a little helper

Montana showing me her haircut (I trimmed it spur-of-the-moment one night after her bath)

Cimbrey and Rachel stopping to pick up our after-dinner cheesecake...thanks R

Out to dinner at Surin

Monday, November 3, 2008

Funny Story

Okay, yesterday while I was posting on the blog, Blake took Sage around the block for some fresh air(what baby doesn't like that, right?) and when he got home I noticed he had several pieces of spinach in between his teeth. So, I walked over to him and started picking in his teeth(which I love to do and he hates it) when he told me that he had talked to probably 10 people and it seemed that no one wanted to talk long. I wish I had taken a picture but we laughed and laughed about this so I thought I'd share it with everyone!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween and More

I feel like I have a ton of pics on this post but we've been busy! We spent Halloween morning at Jenn and Ryan's(and Rollins and Christian) house, were we met several new friends and we(yes, we) jumped in the jumper. Then we went to Ginger and Ryan's for trick-or-treating and taco soup(yum)...thanks to all of you for having us over. Montana was Lady(from Lady and the Tramp) but she called herself a doggy...which worked! I've also posted some smiling Sage pics because she's been smiling a lot. The pics are kind of random and I don't have time to resituate them so I'll put captions so you don't get lost! Thanks for bearing with me! Lady eating some 'treats' Halloween night

Sage the kitty cat and Mommy getting ready to trick-or-treat(with Robin and Anna behind us)

Some of our crew in action

Sage this afternoon after church

Dear ole Daddy and Sage

Montana watching a movie in the Honda(she puts the headphones on her cheeks). She cracks us up because she'll sing with the headphones on like a big girl.

Big smiles and a full belly

In the jumper at Jenn and Ryan's...she wanted everyone to look at her funny face.

Getting dressed to go to the Pumpkin Festival last weekend

Lady Montana at Jenn and Ryan's/Rollins' Halloween party


At the Pumpkin Fest with Campbell and Ellie(their daddys were working too)

Face painting at the festival...she sat as still as a 2 year old could and was proud of her pumpkin!