Sunday, March 29, 2009

One More Thing

And I'll be caught up! Between skiing and visiting Lyn, I had a reunion/baby shower with some ole friends! We had dinner together one night with our husbands and had a blast reminiscing on days gone by....Blake told my parents that we just like to laugh at each other:). Such good times! Here we are with our bambinos at Lindsey's shower.
Marcie and Andy, Kyna(and Riley), Lindsey(and McKinney), Angie and Brody, and my crew
Marcie, Angie, and I with our "same age" babes

Playhouse Disney LIVE

Playhouse Disney came to Bham this weekend and we took Montana Mae to see the famed Mickey and Minnie! She was captivated by them and loved it, no surprise! I also enjoyed a little taste of Disney World but Blake...well, just ask him;). Uncle Brad kept Sage for us...which was slightly nerveracking for me since he doesn't have kids and is scared of spit up...but, he did as told and it went perfect! Thanks Brad!

Walking/riding to the show

Preshow pic...not sure what Mo is doing
You think she likes it??

The notorious MICKEY MOUSE

Visiting Sissy

After skiing, we went to visit my sister, Lyn, and her family for a few days. Montana and Mikayla played and played and played and swung...then fought....then played some more and swung! My nephew, Tristan, is in love with the should see him flip his wrist and shoot it in the hoop...then, he claps for himself! They are both precious and we miss getting to hang out with them, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and look forward to the next visit! There is a trend with these cousins...the older one likes to pick on the one immediately younger. Poor Sage needs someone to pick on(Lyn??)! I'll let the pics show you a glimpse:).

The beloved swingset/playhouse...Mo did correct me and tell me that it is "her and KK's house"

I gave her her first teeball lesson...

Okay, KK is trying to put the dog leash on Montana below

Notice Mo's hand gently pushing on Tristan's head...the biting of his finger came later:(

And Sage's face says "Save me Mommy from this big boy"

Friday, March 27, 2009

skiing in breckenridge!!!!

We had a blast skiing a couple of weeks ago! The weather was nice(though we didn't actually see snow fall) and we(I) traded off with my in-laws keeping the girls so we could all have a chance to enjoy the slopes...and, indeed, we did! I have to brag on Blake for a bit and tell everyone he is an AMAZING skier! I think we've come to an agreement that after our children are educated and wed, he can think about being a ski instructor;).

And we're off...

The "big" snow

Uncle Brad and Aunt Stacey learned all the songs to Mickey's sing-a-long

The bros cooking while figuring out the world's problems

Snow angel...ain't she cute?

Must be the parents of a Mickey and Minnie fan

We had a nostalgic ride up the ski lift:)

Daddy and Mo skiing

Sage's first food...

was a family affair!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

She Rolls!

Another milestone...already! Sage has begun to roll from belly to back. It doesn't happen regularly for two reasons:1. I don't put her on her belly too often 2. Her sis loves to "help" her roll...and then says "Look mommy, Sage rolled." Is big sis a helper, or what???

Weekend @ the Lake

Chillin on the dock

The crooked hat girls

I love Mo twirling in this one!

Watching a movie "like KK"

Beautiful family pic at sunset

He studies...and studies...or maybe he's staring at the lake dreaming

Me, Mo, and the random dog who loved watching us fish

Daddy and Mo

Breakfast time...good times

We spent last weekend at Lake Martin thanks to the generosity of a couple here in Birmingham. What an awesome testimony to share what the Lord has blessed us matter how big or small! We fished and fished, but didn't catch a thing. Blake found out when we got home that the lake isn't good for fishing so it made us feel a little better. He did try to study a little(which was his plan) but I think it was killing him that I was out fishing while he sat on the porch with the books. Besides a midnight knock on the door(which freaked us out but was not an intruder), we enjoyed our time together and hope it will be available this summer so we can swim!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sewing Success!

I cannot take full credit for the success because my sweet friend Lindsey helped me step by step (while our children entertained each other...well, somewhat) but I'm very excited about this pattern....easy and it can be tweaked to make pants, capris, or shorts! I've come a long way, huh? And thanks can check her stuff out at

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First Snow!!!

Sunday morning we woke up to SNOW! The girls haven't seen snow(Sage hasn't obviously since she's 5 1/2 months) so it was exciting for all of us. Sadly, Blake had to go to work but we were able to play in the snow with him for a little while before he left:). Sage has a cold/cough(again!) so she watched from inside with my parents who were visiting this it worked out perfectly! It was amazing how the snow made everything it covered so beautiful and I couldn't help but think how Jesus washes us whiter than snow!!! This was great preparation for our upcoming ski trip too...
Mo and our snowman

Daddy enjoying the snow
We're way too excited

This is the best our backyard has ever looked!
The wagon even looks pretty

Btw, this was unprompted...she must have been ready for a snack

I may have made a mistake by telling her to catch it in her mouth...
because she began taking it off of the fence and eating it!
Sage and Pawpaw looking out from the warm and cozy house

She felt like Minnie with Mommy's gloves on