Friday, October 30, 2009

look alike?

Kinda, but not really(to mommy and daddy, anyway)!

Sage, October 2009
Montana, october 2007


This morning we visited Mountain Brook Baptist's Pumpkin Patch with the Barki crew and took lots of pics! The pumpkins were BOGO(I think they are trying to get rid of them) so we came home with a big sister and a baby pumpkin:)!
Baby pumpkin
Big sister pumpkin
Montana and Brandon

Brandon and Maya...aren't they cute?


Don't eat it!!!

Obviously, the Barkis are very fun to watch!

Boo @ the Zoo

Here a some pics from boo at the zoo! We went last Friday night and it grew VERY chilly while we were there! Montana is all about wearing her costume and loved prancing around in her Cinderella dress!
Montana on the carousel

Mo and the great pumpkin

Sage met a friend


More candy



Thursday, October 15, 2009


We had a JOYOUS time in Disney World a week or so ago! We went with my sister, Lyn, and her family...Mikayla and Montana were in hog heaven!! It was so fun to see those little ones thrilled to see their favorite TV stars! I think Lyn has been 15 times and I've been 12 so it is a place full of great memories for us:)! Blake took a jillion pictures and I narrowed it down A LOT but it's still a bunch! Everyone must take their little princess(or pirate) to Disney!!!

Sage LOVED the princesses and the bus. She would point and grunt whenever she saw the bus that takes you from your hotel to the park!
Firework show at MK

Girls with Cindy
Checking out the wildlife at AK

Not quite as thrilled about taking a picture with Prince Charming
Hugs for Donald

Girls with Anastasia, one of the stepsisters from Cinderella

and Drizella

The stepmother, who REALLY was RUDE

Girls with Daisy at breakfast

Montana and Thumper...and Mrs. Thumper


Sage is dancing with the characters at Chef Mickey's

Montana dancing too!

101 Dalmations was the building were we stayed

Mo posing with Pongo

They are sooo excited to eat breakfast with the princesses

Getting Belle's autograph

Blake and Mo took a swim the last night

More hugs for DD

Cinderella again

Girls with Aurora

Montana has a lot to learn about steering a car

Me and the kiddos at Chef Mickey's...I made their shorts so I'm getting a pic with them

The parks were decorated for pretty!

Montana and Sage with Walt and Minnie was funny that she remembered seeing Montana a few days prior.

The kids riding the teacups with Aunt Lyn and Uncle Caleb

Disney wore them out!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Little late! Here are some pics of the girls at Breland and Beth's wedding, which was Sept. 26 in Montgomery, AL. Congrats to them!!! The girls lasted 0.1 seconds in the ceremony but did their job of lookin' cute coming down the aisle:)...
Sage on the trolley

the groom and his mom(aka grandma)...and blake lookin fine!
prewedding snack

aunt stacey is NOT ready for kids;)

we had a photoshoot on the stairway

waiting patiently

daddy and sage

sage loving her freedom

playing outside during the ceremony...beth chose beautiful dresses for the girls!!!