Friday, June 25, 2010

Our New HOME!!

Here is a peak at our new house! We are enjoying the heck out of it and want to thank EVERYONE who helped us out!! The big question is "how long will we live in this house?"...I'll have to keep you posted on where the good Lord takes us next or if we stay here a little longer!

Our office area in the back of our bedroom and the doors to the back patio...obviously not quite unpacked and situated on this pic.

The girls bedroom. Sage is in a big-girl bed! She is known to get out so the little bookshelf helps keep her in:)

The dining room

The kitchen...which I love. It's equipped with a dishwasher, garbage disposal, and ice maker(which is now working...woohoo)!

Father's Day Treat!

For Father's Day Blake requested a desire to find a recipe, go buy the ingredients, and cook it! And, he did!! He made crabcakes and key lime pie and thoroughly enjoyed himself. He has already been looking through my cookbooks to find what he will cook next...I think I like Father's Day:)
Daddy and his daughter...and the key lime pie

A close up to see the lime zest and slices. Good job Blake!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

A friend of mine told me that Goldilocks and the Three Bears was playing at the Alabama Children's Theater and I thought the girls would love it! And, they did!!! We went this is Montana with Goldilocks. Sage liked the characters from afar;).

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kidlife/VBS Week

What a week it has been learning simple truths of Jesus!!! I have been teaching the 5 yr. old class and have had the greatest time! This is Montana's first official year since she made the cutoff by a few days to be in the 4 yr. old class! She also had her first "performance" on stage last night at Family Night. To give a little background, she was obsessed with the Bear Family last year. They performed skits each day and reinforced the Bible story taught in the classroom. This year it's the Backyard Friends. She loves Sally. Sally is pictured below with the blonde hair in pigtails. Sally wears a dress that spins and that's got Montana hooked. The funniest thing at Family Night was when Montana and Sage spotted each other. Montana started cheesing at her and was so proud to be up there! What a special week. She was teaching Sage a verse she has learned this week this evening...sweet, sweet times. God is GOOD!!!!
Montana finally turned around to smile after "Leroy" the big boy behind her told her to look at her mom:)
She watched the Backyard Friends majority of the time.
She slowly inched her way to the top so she could get a close-up of the Backyard Friends.

Leroy, Jill, Mrs. Campbell, Sally, Mail-lady Brooke, and Annie

More Beach!!

Here are some more picture from our beach trip!! Enjoy!!!
Cousins:)...yes, Sage is eating chips
The shell collector...aka Montana
Beach girls

Sweet sisters

Something about this pic looks ALOT like me as a little girl...crazy!!

Aunt Jamie, Barrett, and Bebe

Building a sand castle

Running and playing on the deck of the condo

That is supposed to be a smile from Montana:/

Aunt Stacey, the girls and I heading in after pics

Friday, June 4, 2010

Completely Forgot...

Last week, right before our beach trip, Montana had swim lessons! Our sweet friend, Katie, referred us to her teacher-partner a couple of months ago, and we were set to go! Her teacher, Mrs. Mendy, was such an encouraging teacher and helped Montana so much!
This was the final day when the kids showed their parents what they had learned throughout the week. Montana jumped off of the diving board to Mrs. Mendy and swam the length of the pool with some help coming up for breaths! Yay Montana!!!
Here are the swimmers and teachers
Montana and Rollins, her new friend

Waiting for her turn

Beach Preview!!

Here are the pics we took with our phones on our beach trip. I haven't downloaded the camera pics yet but thought I would post these in the meantime. We had a wonderful time with all of the Booths(except Brad) swimming and shopping and playing Wii! Thanks Grandma and Pappy for taking us along!!!

Burying Daddy...I think this is right before Montana dropped a handful of sand in his mouth!!

"Get this sand out of my mouth"

Working on the sand castle

National Donut Day

I received a text last night from my brother telling me today was National Donut Day and we could get a free donut! So....we headed to Shipley's after dinner for a yummy dessert! As you can see below, we all enjoyed!!
Licking the icing

The classic Sage look:)

Donut everywhere!

So good!

Happy Donut Day!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baby Princess:)

Sage ran out of the bathroom all snugged up in the princess towel(passed down from her cousin). She was so proud(and cute) so I snapped a few pics!

First Strawberry!

I bought a strawberry plant in early spring since we all love strawberries and I thought it would be fun for the girls! So here is Montana with our first strawberry. Sadly, the chipmunks or squirrels have gotten several others but hopefully our spray will keep them out!