Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gymnastics x2

The girls are both taking a few gymnastics classes together at church before we move. Sage is incredibly excited to join big sis in this venture;). They had a few open spots and I won't be able to walk to such activities for too much longer so I(and they) thought it would be fun. They had their first class on Tuesday and had a ball. I didn't go in the room so I had them demonstrate what they did when the class was over for some pics!


Big boy is 8 weeks old today!!! He has just started smiling and even cooing...especially when his belly is full:). He is sleeping well and trucking right along with mommy and big sisters all around town! We love you, Augs, and are enjoying our boy blessing!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Amazing Friends

I'm beginning to get overwhelmed with sadness. The Lord has blessed me with amazing friends here in Bham who love Jesus, their husbands, and their children with every part of their being. We have all been going through our husband's residencies(and having babies) together and have bonded intimately through our relationships with Christ. I think it's pretty unique to have so many wonderful women to call my friends and I will miss these lovely ladies terribly! We do, however, plan to have annual(at least) reunions to hang out and reminisce on these fun and crazy days of residency! I love y'all and will miss you!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011


THREE KIDDOS IN A TUB!! August survived:)

Teeball Party!

Yes, Montana was the only girl on her teeball team, but she told her coach that she loved playing and wanted to play again next year! So, we are hoping for an all girls team in Oxford!!! The team gathered at Homewood Park for pizza, trophys, and fun!

Taking a team run
Coaches and team

Montana receiving her trophy

Graydon, one of our sweet friends here in Bham who we miss lots!

Aug's First Zoo Trip

At a wee 4 weeks old, August was introduced to the Birmingham Zoo! He slept the whole time, but I know before we know it he will be running around the zoo enjoying the animals with his sisters!!

Montana's Preschool Graduation

Well, preschool is over for Montana and she's now a kindergartener(is that how you spell it??)!!! It was such a precious little program! Montana, along with 2 children from the other classes, gave the welcome to everyone by saying in unison "Welcome to Graduation." We practiced and practiced to make sure she would say it loud and clear and she did it!! I wish we could upload videos from our crazy camera, but if you ask her, I'm sure she will say her part for you:)! We love you Montana, our big girl!!

Not sure who was more proud!

Montana and her buddy and classmate, Caden(his little sister in the background)...we sure will miss these friends!

Montana and her classmate Livy