Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nine months old!

August is a whopping nine months old today! I guess next thing we know it will be his 1st birthday! Time flies when you are having fun!! He has been crawling with more expertise each day for about a week so things are getting a bit trickier around here! What a blessing, joy, and wonder this little boy has been to us!! We love you, August!

The Mitten

Montana's class performed the book 'The Mitten' yesterday and each student had a small speaking part. Obviously, Montana was a bunny...and a mighty cute one, huh?? She had missed school all week because of a fever virus( we think that's what she had) so she made it back to school the day of the play and did great remembering her line! All those little ones were so precious!!

Hanging out before it started

Lulu, the grandmother, is montana's friend...she was hilarious walking out!

Singing so well!

Her good buddy, Elizabeth:)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Feeding the geese

A couple of weeks ago, we walked down to the pond and fed the guess is that they stopped for a break while flying south for the winter...ha!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gymnastics play

The Oxford moms and tots group met at the Activity Center today for gymnastics free play. We joined in the fun...all of us(even Montana)! Montana woke up with a low grade fever so I kept her home. Thank the Lord I did because her fever got worse all day! Then we spent 3 hours at the doctor!! It was a relief to know she didn't have the flu and the doc thought it was a fever virus. Anyhoo...that was a little side note;). Sage was tumbling and running and having the greatest time. It was free play so kiddies were all over the room, but the lady who teaches gymnastics walked over to me and asked about Sage's experience...then insisted that I enroll her! We may have a little gymnast on our hands!!

August waving to me...just kidding, but it looks like it huh? He took a good nap in his stroller!

Park fun!

We went to the park on Saturday and enjoyed a picnic lunch and playing in the sunshine! The girls rode their bikes and Blake has the best time on our "new" playground! Seriously, he told me twice that it was the coolest playground he had ever been on!!

A having a blast holding on!

How 'bout that smile!

Blake seriously had the best time...he was talking into the sound pipe here pretending to be captain hook!

I thought I had a pic of Montana too but didn't...this one will do. Stephen, my brother, took this on the cruise! She has her new Jamaica dress on:)

Thursday, January 12, 2012


We have our first crawling child!!
I'm cant upload the video on the iPad but as soon as Blake let's me on the laptop, I will! I can't believe it!!!

On another note, we went to Tupelo with our friends Meredith, Myla, and Selah today and had a crazy time trying to shop Hobby Lobby with 4 children under 4 years of age! Thanks was fun! And it's SO COLD...there was even some snow in Oxford!

Sage and Myla


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Cruise!

The Picard crew(minus Mikey) went on a carribean cruise the week before Christmas! Minus forgetting the kids' luggage and the stomach bug, we had an incredible time hanging out, playing, swimming, and eating!! Thank you so much, mom and dad, for this wonderful gift and memories that will last a lifetime!!!


Kisses from Pawpaw while waiting to watch the ship depart from Nola

Mommy and mo ice skating!

She held the wall tightly...but still smiling!

Stephen caught on so quick...he was zooming around the rink!

Invading the hot tub

Good job keeping your eyes open, mom!

Tristan and Sage had their faces painted in kids club!


Blake surprised me with a day trip to our honeymoon resort...Half Moon!!

It was so sweet!

Our villa where we stayed almost 10 years ago!

Blake took the girls to Grand Cayman for a little shopping:)

Stephen and Blythe chilling in Cozumel:)

The cousins had so much fun in the sand!

August loved the sand in his toes(and in his mouth, actually)!

Big smiles..with a bite of banana!!

Newest member of our family!

How could I forget...Santi! Montana wanted a fish for Christmas(after we discussed that a puppy would be too hard for her to take care of) so Santa brought a beautiful beta fish! And Montana named her Santi because Santa brought her, of course!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas eve...putting cookies out for Santa!

This was a rare moment and I'm sure your child did not do this...Sage was crying for Santa NOT to come! She was terrified! We finally told her he wasn't going to come so she would stop crying in bed. Then Montana started crying because, of course, she wanted Santa to come! Wow, of all the nights to put kids in bed you would think Christmas eve would be the easiest! Oh, Sagie...

Santa came...Christmas morning:)

My favorite face of his!

Sage received some new dress up clothes from mawmaw Mae and pawpaw Chilly! Tristan is admiring her;)

Montana received a few new dress up costumes too! She and mikayla picture perfect!

My siblings and I went in together to get our old home videos switched to DVD for mom and dad

The day after christmas we headed to grandma and pappy's house for Booth family Christmas! Here are the Blake Booth kiddos with Grandma and the yummy birthday cake she made for Jesus!!

Grandma, Pappy, and their grand kids!

We hope that you had a Merry Christmas celebrating our glorious Savior with friends and family!!!