Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Goblin Egg Hunt

Last night the Oxford Park Commission put on a Goblin Egg Hunt so we thought we would give it a shot!  I think it was fun?!?

 Mo did awesome swiping up the eggs as fast a super hero(girl style, of course:))
And Sage was quite sad that she didn't get as many as she would have liked:(...I look forward to showing her pics such as this in a few years!

Pumpkin Carving!

Yesterday afternoon we carved our pumpkins and got really messy while doing it(I had forgotten)!!  Auggie liked pointing to his "eye" and "nose" and taking his top on and off.  The girls worked hard digging and digging!  Finished product pic coming soon!!

Costume Night!

Last week was Costume Night at AWANA and here are the girls before leaving:)

 Super cupcake girl in action!
Cutest Ariel in the world!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

OUS Fall Fest

Tonight we took the kids to a fall fest at Oxford University School.  They loved it and this picture cracked us up!  Auggie is really wanting his bouncy ball he was playing with and Sager is striking a pose!!!

Auggie's First Movie Night

Look how big!!!  He sat in Blake's chair with his bowl of popcorn and enjoyed(some of) movie night with us last night:)


Blake and I celebrated 10 years in Hawaii and returned home exactly a week ago!  It truly was the trip of a lifetime!  Waaaaay too many pics to post so I put the "us" pics up from throughout the trip!  Mikey, who is stationed in Oahu, joined us for some of the trip as tour guide, chauffeur, photographer, backpack carrier, etc...haha!  We had a blast with him but savored our time together for sure!!  AND...A VERY HEARTFELT THANK YOU TO OUR AMAZING FAMILY FOR KEEPING THE KIDS AND CARING FOR THEM(and sending pics, videos, and FaceTime which made being away much easier)!!!!!!!!  We love you!!!!!
 Pearl Harbor
 Hotel balcony in Waikiki
 Pineapple ice cream at the Dole Plantation

 Blake surfing;)
 Helicopter ride over Kauai
 Me, Blake, and Mikey
 Sunrise in Kauai
 A secret pool at Secret Beach
 Ziplining in Kauai
 Sunset on the Na'Pali Coast hike
 Kisses at Kalalau Lookout
 Our off road trip in the Jeep
 Sunset walk on Anini Beach
 Convertible cruisin in Maui
 Old Lahaina Luau in Maui
 Our last sunset outside of our hotel in Maui
And our last, awesome dinner at Momma's Fish House to end our celebration!

Pumpkin Patch!

For some reason I didn't want to miss taking the kids to the pumpkin patch this year and squeeeeezed it in between our weekend to see Mikey and leaving for Hawaii!  I'm glad we went.  The kids had a blast playing and picking pumpkins!  It's such a fun tradition and I'm so glad our friends, the Powells, joined us!!

 He just loved the tractor!
 The girls are petting a bunny

 Uhoh, the thief got away!!!
 Mo, Joanna, and Sage on the train
 Getting ready for the pig race.  Montana was chosen to wave the flag for our section of the crowd!
 These pigs were hilarious!
 I couldn't believe Aug liked feeding the goats

 The girls did the maze with our friends while we waited out front
He found a chair just his size!

A Visit to Visit MIKEY

The first weekend in October we headed down to Louisiana to see Mikey!!  He hasn't been home in over a year so we were all excited to see him again!  While there, Blake went fishing with his uncle and we enjoyed some fresh fried fish for dinner after watching the LSU game...yummmy!
 Aug just loves both of his grandfathers!!  He's relaxing on Pawpaw!
 The stadium was full of family!!
 Blake's catch
 Even better:)
 My sibs<3 p="p">
Mikey and his nieces and nephews

Happy Birthday Blake!

I didn't take a picture of Blake on his special day but I did get a pic of his cake at work.  The kids and I went to visit and sing happy birthday?  The nurses/techs at the clinic call Blake..."Tigger" because he is always bouncing from place to place!  Actually, it is a pretty fitting name for him so looks like they have him figured out;)!  I put the pic of Auggie because Blake took it out back while he was grilling his own dinner:|...I guess that wasn't the best dinner idea, huh??