Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer Fun!

We had dinner and milkshakes with the O'Keefes tonight!!  Such fun!!!

WinShape Camp

 Montana attended Winshape camp last week, which is a summer camp put on by Chickfila for school aged children.  She participated in a science camp, cheer camp, and secret ops camp.  They also had teaching time each day from the camp pastor and had a praise and worship rally!  Loads of fun and it was all centered around your HEART!  Guarding your heart was the main focus and it was so cool!  I'm thankful for this camp in our community and how the Lord used it in Montana's life as she grows in her faith!!  The final day was Family Day so we were able to get a glimpse of how the camp rolled:)

Science...making ice cream!
 Sage was eager to know about camp
 A little stretching...
 And cheering for the soccer group!
 Some fun songs and dance
 Being awarded for completion of the secret mission!
 Which was to secretly serve others throughout the week!!

Happy Fourth!!!

 Fourth of July was so fun!  The weather was amazing...we had a little cool front come through!!  Montana was at Winshape camp during the day but Blake was off and we picked her up from camp and started celebrating our freedom:)!  We met our friends, The Hamms, at the new house hoping to see the fireworks from the backyard BUT we couldn't quite see them over the trees!!  It was pretty funny...the dads took the big kids to watch them and they said it was lots of fun!

Sage and I made a cookie cake!
 Ready for the grove!
 A little choochoo ride

 Mo doing turtle race!
 The one finger petting of the bunny
 Face painting
 Sage said her fireworks did not look like fireworks;)
 Auggie and that not the cutest?!
 Natalie and me...silly Skylar
 This was the best kid pic I could get!
Waiting on fireworks...that we couldn't see! Ha!!

Board Certified, YEAH!!!!

We have been overjoyed the past week as we have celebrated Blake's passing his oral boards!  He was elated and told us while we were out walking last Friday.  We stopped the strollers, he told us, and then began running down the street screaming.  I started jumping up and down and the kids were wondering "what is going on?" was memorable for sure!  This has been quite the journey and it has been covered with God's abundant grace since 2001 when we started dating.  The MCAT was quite a daunting task and I wasn't sure this was for me.  And, it wasn't for me.  Praise the Lord that His ways are HIGHER and GREATER!!  To Him be the Glory for guiding me, teaching me, stretching me, loving me, carrying me, and providing for me.  My man has worked hard, but gives God all the glory!! Hallelujah...this chapter is over!!!!

*he is going to die when i tell him i put this pic on the blog...ha!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Broken Arm:(

 Well, Auggie broke his arm a little over a week ago and I need to document it, of course!  He got dizzy after being spun around and fell on it while at my parent's house.  I didn't see it happen, but he asked me to kiss his arm the entire day and I knew something wasn't right.  The dilemma was that we were having a surprise retirement party for my mom so I tried to wait to take him in.  And sure enough, he had a "buckle fracture" and left with a HUGE temporary cast!  His arm weighed about as much as he did, poor baby!!  Now, the blue cast is on and he is as happy as a lark!  He is constantly asked, "What happened?" and he holds up his arm and says, "It's broken." We return to the ortho on Monday and are praying it's better and cast will be off!!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

DiSnEy WoRLd!!!

We had more fun than I can describe in a blog post on our recent trip to Disney World!!!  We were able to visit some our coolest friends, The McClartys and The Turners, on our way to and from Disney!  Our week was filled with family, friends, rides, water rides, roller coasters, characters, good food, dancing, swimming, twisting, jumping, animals, chills, and thrills...just to name a few!!  Here are some pics!

Auggie and Will McClarty were born a month apart in Bham
AJ is all about some dancing!
Our Disney crew ready to dine a Chef Mickey's!!

The princesses of the group!
We surprised the girls with lunch in Cinderellas was a real treat!!

Time to decorate cupcakes!!
Yum, Yum
Team Blizzard Beach
Getting ready for our ride around the was a hit!
Blake was in a magic show later that night...quite interesting!
Our bus stop...always an exciting place to be:)
Tristan, Sage, and Landon with Woody and Jessie
Magic carpet ride
I caught PawPaw being silly at lunch!!

Loving the train!!
Montana dancing in front of the castle!
Where did he find a stick?!
Pic with the Beast after dinner in Belle's castle
Elliot was a trooper on his first Disney trip! He will be riding those coasters soon!!
Does AJ or Blake look like they are having more fun?? Ha!