Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We had Caden and Micah over earlier this week so their mommy and daddy could go to dinner. Our children are the same ages and they played and played so well together!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

In the Spirit!

We are going on 2 weeks of having our tree up so this may be old news, but I wanted to post a pic. I love being in the "spirit of Christmas" and getting together with friends and family for THE reason we live! And it gets more exciting to have these little girls to share the love of the season, and reason, with:)...

Our tree and stockings

Blake skillfully watching football and playing ring-around-the-rosey

....and they all fall down...Sage is enjoying this game now that she can walk

Saturday, November 21, 2009

We crack ourselves up sometimes!

This is a really funny picture to me but you may not think so. This morning was quite chilly in Bham and our porch/sewing/Tonto(dog)/movie/exercise room is not heated. So, Montana requested to watch a movie(101 Dalmations) and we had to bundle her up to sit in this room. My sister often tells me that I crack myself up and this may be a perfect example!!!

Good Manners:)

We had a playday at church on Thursday and Montana learned about how to have good manners and why! It was such a cute idea put on by our preschool director...although Montana did come home imitating the bad example, which she showed before demonstrating the "good manners". I think she thought Mrs. Brooke was funny when she was having bad manners. Hopefully she didn't think it was impressive;)
Singing a song about manners

Having a mini-Thanksgiving meal and using good manners

We played on the playground afterward. This isn't completely random. Sage LOVES sliding these days.
Look at those good manners...ha!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where's my penny?

We just got back from the zoo with the Barki's and here's a funny pic of Montana and Brandon trying to get their pennies they watched go into the hole!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

And...Sage is WALKING

Well hello...I forgot to mention that Sage is walking!!!! It was official last week, and I took this video but failed to blog accordingly. Since this video she has had 3 bloody lips and now has a nice knot in the middle of her forehead!!!

p.s. please excuse the extreme darkness of the video:)

the bright side:)

Well, last week started off rocky as the second round of antibiotics were started for Montana's double ear infection. She was grumpy to say the least, BUT after a few days on them it was so obvious that she was feeling some relief(praise you, Lord). So, I'm documenting the return of smiles toward the end of last week when I took these pics. And hopefully the ears will be all clear at the follow up appointment!

They were lovin' on each other

so silly
kinda silly
okay, i'll smile and not be silly
love it!

can't get much cuter!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We had a great time trick-or-treating and hanging out with friends for Halloween. And, since Montana dresses up almost everyday, she LOVED being able to going out in costume. She is already telling me she will be Cinderella again for Halloween. So we had our 2 little princesses this year!!!
Cinderella and Brantley the turkey who so graciously invited us over for the evening!

Snow White got the hang of taking candy and got to the point where she continued to grab handfuls...that's when the fun ended for her;)...and I am dressed as poor Cinderella.
This is a portion of our 12+ toddler crew that may have overwhelmed the candy-givers

Yay Sagie!

Daddy and his princesses:)

Not sure what got into us this year but we joined in the costume fun...Blake is a "cool" version of Dwight from The Office...he decided to dress up 5 minutes before we left...he cracks me up!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall Festival

the ladybug and the fairy(she would let you know she was a fairy and not a princess)

the jumping fairy

On the mini-carousel

Getting buckled up for the ride

and there she goes(this is when we really needed our camera)

We went to the Fall Festival at church on Friday fun! The girls wore alternative costumes and we saved the "princesses" for Saturday;). It's been a busy weekend, but I will get a Halloween post up asap! We also didn't have the camera Friday but those are a few pics i took with my phone...