Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We enjoyed 2 little strawberries off of our strawberry plant last week!  Sage enjoyed picking them and eating!

Happy 1st Birthday, August!!!

 Baby Auggie turned 1 on Saturday and we celebrated with family and friends!  All of our family drove in for the party which was a special blessing and made it such a memorable party!  Well, he's not a baby anymore and is into everything and as busy as a bee!!  He has very few words(bye bye and all done) but seems to call everything a car..."ca".  He just loves wheels and was stretching his neck yesterday in his car seat to see a dump truck out of the window.  It's so much fun to see life through the eyes of a boy and how God has created them so very different from girls!  We love you, Auggie!  You bring us constant joy and we pray that your life brings God great glory!!!

Birthday morning!!
 Cousin Landon enjoying a bike ride!
 Uncle Stephen playing horseshoes with Montana, Sage, and Tristan
 August with his PawPaw and Neenee
 Grandma and Great-Mawmaw enjoying the birthday boy!  I just love how Mo is eating it up!
 The kiddos getting ready for a "frog egg hunt"
 It's my party!!!
 Pappy playing "pin the tail on the donkey" with August
 The Auggie "Froggy" cupcakes made so deliciously by our sweet neighbor, Willa
He wasn't a fan of the stickiness of the icing(or so it seemed) so he just knocked it over:)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Montana had her first tee ball game this past Monday! She wouldn't look at me long enough to get a picture with my phone. I will be sure to bring the camera to the next game!!

Easter Visitors Part 2

Well, my pictures are in complete opposite order...whoops! After my parents left, we had the joy of having Blake's parents and grandmother come for a visit! Then, Breland drove over for the day on Easter Sunday and we had a great lunch together, hunted eggs, and rode bikes. Breland, Blake, and Pappy had a blast riding down the golf path(See Below)! Grandma stayed for a few days extra and it was wonderful to have her company and help! Thanks for coming!!!
Montana and her 2 wheeler!!! WOOHOO!!!
Sage moved up to the training wheels!!! GO SAGE!!!!
Blake, MOMO, and Breland in front of the Ole Miss Stadium
MOMO loves Ole Miss and had never been to Oxford...she was SO excited to see it!!
Pappy comin' down the hill!
Our family Easter photo...minus Blake and with sour Sage
All Ready for church!! Praise the Lord, HE IS RISEN!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Visitors Part 1

We had a lovely Easter weekend filled with family, sunshine, good food, and celebrating our salvation because of the RISEN Savior!! Mom and Dad drove up on Thursday and we enjoyed some catfish at Taylor Grocery, which was a real treat for all of us! Then, on good Friday we went to a farm outside of Memphis. It was a day full of hayrides, egg hunting, face painting, chicks, goats, bunnies...too much fun!! Here are some pics...enjoy!

Egg hunting with Paw Paw

So...Auggie LOVED the Easter bunny! He was so happy to sit in his lap and when I picked him up after we got a picture, he started pointing at the bunny and leaning toward him/her to hold him. I put him back in the bunny's lap and he was as happy as a lark!! It was hilarious!!!
Here is Auggie back where he wanted to be:)
Dad and the girls
Blake said this pig makes him never want to eat bacon again...kinda gross huh??
Sage was too scared to feed the animals but Montana loved every second of it!
And she has talked about holding this baby chick numerous times since then...
Blake had fun too...doesn't he always!

Blake, August, Mom, Dad, and the girls:) Thanks Mom and Dad for making the trip! We loved it!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Resurrection Rolls

We had some friends over to play this week and Meredith had the brilliant idea to bring the items to make resurrection rolls. The kids loved hearing the truth of how Jesus was "pierced for our transgressions and crushed for our iniquities." So cool how the marshmallow wrapped in a crescent roll comes out of the oven and looks just like an empty tomb!! Thanks Meredith and Jill for coming!!

Jill and Joe Hudson

Auggie happily watching all the girlies make the resurrection rolls!
Everyone working hard!
Meredith explaining the rolls and how they represent the resurrection!
The girls and I dyed a few eggs this week one afternoon after we picked up Montana from school! They loved it and did a great job!!

The finished product
Montana working hard!
Sage waiting patiently:)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Egg Hunting!

Last weekend was full of Egg Hunting!! We went out to the square for an Easter egg hunt, then went to Catie's birthday party and had an egg hunt, then participated in one at church this afternoon!! Such beautiful weather and flowers blooming...wonderful reminders of new life we have because of Jesus' resurrection!!!

Sage Sliding!!!

Our Garden

During one of Blake's final study breaks he offered to build a box for me to plant a garden! How awesome is that!?! I was super excited and we are enjoying watching our garden grow!