Wednesday, September 26, 2012


 We sure kept busy this summer!!  At the end of July, the kids and I took a road trip to Longview, TX...and for the record, the kids did great in the car and I know God answered those prayers!  We did all kinds of fun things at Aunt Net's house from water balloons to four wheeler rides to summertime smores.  The kids made their own pizzas one day.  We went to a huge indoor play land one afternoon.  It was all such a treat and a joy to get to hang out with Lynette and Lyn and all the kiddos...8 to be exact!

Water balloons!  The Texas sun is HOT!!

 Poor Allie had 6 kids come in her house and invade her space!  She was a trooper!!
 Lynette getting ready to take the kids for a spin
 Off they go...
 Making smores in pajamas
 Our afternoon in play land...I caught Lyn picking her nose! Ha!
KK is getting so big and such a big helper!  She was helping Auggie off of the firetruck.

OUS Camp

The girls went to summer camp at Oxford University School one week in July and they loved the fact that they were going to camp!!  It gave mommy and Auggie some fun time too:)

Remainder of Louisiana Trip

 Rewind back to the summer trip to Louisiana.  After visiting Baton Rouge, we went down to my parents for a few days.  Stephen and Blythe had us over for burgers one night and the kids had a ball swimming in their hot tub that was refreshingly cool;)!  Since then, they found out that they have a baby on the way!!!  Yeah!!!  We are so excited about 3 cousins in the spring(Stephen and Blythe, Breland and Beth, and Brad and Stacey)!!!!!!!!

Stephen did an awesome job on the grill!!
Auggie having a blast with his hot pink floaties!


Well, I need to catch up on the blog or I won't ever be able to because picture are adding up!  My last post was on August 12, and the last picture I had posted was of my dad and my Pawpaw Chilly...who I loved calling "Popsy".  The very next morning I woke up to a text that my dad sent during the night that Pawpaw had died.  I hadn't felt the pain of loss like that ever before.  He was my grandfather so, of course, he was getting old, but he meant so much to me.  Some of my fondest childhood memories involved him and it was hard.  God never left me though.  His strength and comfort exceeded my pain. Pawpaw is missed and will be missed so much!!!  I am so grateful for the gift that he was to me and my family!!!

Mikey was out to sea with the Navy and couldn't be there, but he and Pawpaw shared the bond of both serving in the Navy.
My Mawmaw Mae

This was the last picture taken of Pawpaw in July when my parents took them out to eat for their anniversary!

His great grandchildren at the funeral(minus Auggie)