Saturday, March 29, 2014


 I started to get pregnancy sickness just as Montana, Sage, and Blake's birthdays rolled around.  I was sad but thanks to Blake, Neenee, and Grandma, I think they enjoyed their special days!

Halloween Fun

 The weather cleared just in time to enjoy and beautiful Halloween evening together!  We had biscuits topped with candy corn for breakfast(yikes!), visited our churches Fall Fest, and trick or treated too!! I'm pretty sure the vet, ballerina, and doggy enjoyed their day:)

Disney on Ice

Sage got tickets to Disney on Ice for her birthday…the kids LOVED it!!!


We spent Thanksgiving week in Birmingham and wore Grandma and Pappy out…haha!  The kids received their Christmas presents after hunting for their gifts!  Then, we sent Pappy on a scavenger hunt too(he is doing one of his tasks which was sing and stand on one foot below)!!

Country Living

 The horse and donkey were by-far the highlight of living out in the "country house" while our house was taking forever to get done:).  Auggie still tells people that he rode a horse and reminds me that horses are his favorite animal regularly!  Thanks to our sweet, sweet neighbor, Mrs. Jane, for letting the kids ride and play with Jake and Rocky!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


 My Christmas babies:)

Our Christmas Tree

 Our tree was kinda struggling but we enjoyed decorating and making it our own!!

Oxford's Christmas Parade

 August still talks about the Christmas Parade…the kids loved it!!

Trees, Lights, and Beignets

Gingerbread Houses!

 We missed the Gingerbread party at my sister's house because Mo had a sore throat, but she was sweet to send the supplies so we could decorate!  Btw, we spent a few weeks before Christmas at my parents after the heat in our 1st rental went out and it was 20 degrees!! 

Christmas Eve Festivities!

 We gathered with Mom's extended family on Christmas Eve and then returned to their house to prepare for the Jolly Man's arrival!!