Friday, June 19, 2009

We have a 9 Month old!!!

Isn't that unbelievable??? Sageepoo is 9 months old! I know I say it all the time but we can't get enough of her...all 3 of us(4 including tonto)! She has this crazy laugh/cough thing that Montana was imitating last night before bed. She is still toothless but often out-eats Montana at dinner! Her favorite things to do are to stand up holding your fingers(dejavu there) and eat my hair! We have loved our 9 months with you Sage!
Sage thought it was funniest thing in the world when Montana and Blake were throwing the ball. Seriously, she was laughing the hardest I've ever heard!
We bought Montana a glove last weekend...she loves it and we are having fun teaching her how to catch and throw and scoop up grounders:)...yes, we are inside b/c it rained all weekend....
Blake was trying to force the crawl

We thought this pic was good. Blake has been reading up on cameras and was using some new techniques.

Mo before lunch...I think this one came out real good. Hope he takes lots of pics in his upcoming spare time!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bye Bye

Finally, phew, while at VBS last week Sage started to wave bye-bye. I went to feed her on Wednesday and when we were walking out she started waving. I kinda freaked out b/c it was a "first" and they likely thought I was crazy, but it wasn't even prompted so it really threw me! Anyway, we are seriously considering getting one of those little camera's that can video short clips so hopefully I'll have a video of it soon! Until then, the pic will have to do:)
Can you feel the love? They really were giggling, I promise
Bye Bye!!!! I'll blog again soon!

Splash Pad

We went to the splash pad with some friends this week...lots of fun. Also realized this week that it's now too hot to do anything outside without being in water!
Montana and Brandon talking over the fountain
Sage enjoyed herself
Sage, Montana, and Maya

Vacation Bible School

I'm pretty bummed I didn't bring my camera to VBS at all. Talk about a GREAT week! Wow! Montana loved it and there is absolutley NOTHING that compares to seeing a child(especially your own) excited to learn about Jesus, our Creator and Saviour! There was a sweet little bear family who helped to present the Bible story and they were fact, Montana is still talking about them and coloring their pictures in her book she brought home. I taught the 4 year olds which were quite a handful, but it was a treasured time. On the last day we learned the parable of the lost sheep and made sheep masks to show that we are all like sheep who have gone astray and need The Shephard!

Here is a picture of our class pictures. Sage's on the left, Montana's on the right-bottom, and mine on the you see ALL of the kids in my class!!!???

Swimmin', Swimmin', Swimmin'

We got off to a slow start with swimming due to extreme raininess(sp) but now we are in full swimming mode. In fact, we just got home from the pool ...Montana did not want to come home. She is loving the water this year and Sage is fine as long as she is in your arms...duh! Mo is kicking, putting her face in, jumping...the whole nine yards. I'm hoping we can have her really swimming by the end of the summer. We'll see. We took a trip to Lyn's and had a get-together with our pal Lynette and her little ones...Aiden and Allie! It was FUN to hang out, which sadly only happens once a year:(! Here are some pics....We literally walked up, Montana put her feet in, and the sky fell
Confused about our first trip to the pool

Lyn, Lynette, and I went swimming at Grandma and Pappy's while we were in town

Little did I know as I was taking this picture, that Montana's leg was stuck in the slats so now it's pretty funny. Thanks Lyn, Dad, and Uncle Stephen for saving her little leg!

The cousins were having a ball jumping in the water

And she likes it(most of the time)!

BIG JUMP...gotta love this!


Blake, Montana, and I went to watch the tigers when they came to town a few weeks ago for the SEC Tournament(which they won). It rained a ton that weekend so we were hesitant to go but HAD to when they reached the championship game. We were going to bring both girls but the Finley's(aka Katie) graciously kept Sage so we could somewhat watch the game! It's been a long time since we've been to a baseball game, too long actually, so we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Montana slowly faded as time went by and naptime called. She was disappointed Mike wasn't there. They should bring him along, huh? It felt like home as I heard the accents of good ole Louziana folks...good times!
Here we are...Mo made friends with the ladies behind us and they entertained her for a while
Uncle Brad came too
When we first got there she was into it!

Then after a lil heat and some ice cream she started to fade

And knocked out within a minute of leaving...look at that sweet girl:)...she was a trooper