Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fishin' in Helena

Last Saturday we headed out to Helena bright and early to see if the fish would be biting. Brad(Blake's brother) and Stacey live on a pretty big creek and we had the best time hanging out and fishing(especially Blake). Montana and Sage were fascinated by the worm and I couldn't believe Montana dug her finger in and PICKED UP A WORM! I caught a fish and Blake caught 3 with his fly fishing rod so I'll call it a successful trip!!
I was so impressed!

Stacey and I are intensely watching our bobbers:)

Sweet Stacey and Brad...thanks for waking up early with us!!

Mother's Day

I don't think there is much more fulfilling than to be than a mom. It's the most incredible thing! Are there hard days? Yes indeed. But, it is a role that causes me to examine my heart and call out to God everyday. These girls are my HEART and JOY and Mother's Day was a sweet time to bask in this priveledge:)!!!
Sage and Porter is in the background...kinda coincidentally we ended up eating with the Finley's for Mother's Day lunch...which was a treat!!
Horrible pic, but for memories sake...the mommy


We spent the night at Ross Bridge a few weeks ago and had a little staycation:). Blake had his research symposium and the girls and I swam the weekend away! It was so relaxing to get in the water and Sage loved it too, which I wasn't sure would be the case. Montana was a VERY brave swimmer(and I'll just leave it at that!)!!
Lunch break
And they're off!!!
Pop tarts and cartoons:)

Taking care of business, I guess

Jumpin' on the bed. Her face was painted by the clown who came to the dinner and played with the kids that night!

You can see her flower here.

And her heart there.

This was actually after day 1 of swimming

They were worn out!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Poon's Wedding Day

My baby brother was married on Saturday! It was the sweetest ceremony and the Lord held the rain away for the wedding to be held outside...thank you!! Besides Sage's refusal to walk down the aisle, everything went well. I cannot wait to see how the Lord uses them and grows them together as a couple!

The bride and groom

Montana and Allie(my cousin's child) broke in the dance floor

Solemn sisters:)
The Booth family and the Picard family
Me and my flowergirls
I love how everyone is smiling in this one!
Cutie T eyeing up Sagie
Posing flower girls
Blythe getting ready!
Mom took all the girls to get our hair done! Mikey's girlfriend, Mary

I think she likes it!!

What a doll, if I do say so myself;)

I love those baby brothers!!!

Audobon Zoo

Blake, the girls, and I went to Audobon Zoo with Mikey and his girlfriend, who had never been to New Orleans before. Since we used to make weekly trips to the zoo, I felt equipped to serve as a zooguide;). We had a great time and the weather was beautiful!!

Daddy is very excited to have the day off of work!
We wore Sage out

Have you ever seen a white alligator??

Uncle Mikey and the girls:)

Mikey, Mary, and I waiting to see the elephant show

They really do tricks!

The sign read "One of the 5 largest turtles in the world"...I think he has a lot of growing to do!

Silly girls

Playing Around

We enjoyed being in Louisiana for Uncle Stephen's wedding, visiting friends and family, eating cajun food, and going to Audobon Zoo(next post). I didn't think I still had it in me to catch a dragon fly, but I did...Montana wanted to hold it!
Montana, dragonfly, and Tristan

Mikayla is pushing Sage in a babydoll stroller and it looks like they all couldn't be happier:)