Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Oxford!

 Last weekend was also Oxford's 175th birthday!!  We had breakfast at Bottletree Bakery then joined in the early Saturday activities...petting zoo, jumpers, and Where's Waldo!

"Waldo" was one of Montana's TBall coaches so she thought that was cool!

Bobby's Bombers

 Last weekend our Sunday School class played in a benefit tournament for a 2 year old girl, Ashlynn McLure, who was diagnosed with a rare sarcoma this past year.  She came out on Friday and we were able to pray over her, which made it all worth it!  Our class has been praying for her since her diagnosis and thought it would be great to support her family and enjoy fellowshipping at the same time!  It was a blast!!!!  We ended up winning the tournament and had so much fun that we are planning to play in the fall!!  Our team name was "Bobby's Bombers" because our SS teachers name is Bobby!  The kids loved watching and cheering for us!

Bobby's wife, Kathy, was so sweet to help with the kids!!
 Our cheerleaders!
 John Freeman really wanted to play!
 No doubt, August did too!!
Sage, Henry, and Hogan

Summer Fun!

 Grandma and Barrett came to visit from Birmingham last week for a few days!  We had fun swimming, playing in the sprinkler, going to the movie, etc...

More Blueberries!

 Weekend before last we went to pick blueberries with our friends, the Johnsons.  They are in our SS class at church and have 2 little ones.  We picked and picked until we(actually me) were hot and sweaty!  The berries were SO good!!
The little pickers

The "big" kids took turns on the tire swing afterwards

And this was Blake's creation with some of the blueberries!!!