Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow and our Star Student

Thankfully, the sun is shining bright and the temperature is rising as I'm typing because we've had some cold, snowy days here! It is such a beautiful sight to behold but too much of anything isn't good, right?? We made the most out of our snow days though because Blake was off of work 2 days(woohoo)! We rented movies, hung out by the fire, drank lots of hot chocolate, and even went to see The Social Network(thanks to Beth keeping M and S)!! The week it snowed was also the week Montana was chosen to be STAR STUDENT(a long-awaited award) so her special week was extended to two and she couldn't have been more excited!
On the hunt for some fun in the snow!
Making snowballs
Licking icicles

Daddy and Sage

We walked up on some neighbors sledding down the hill so Blake and Montana joined in!
Off they go!!!
The star student and her self portrait! This was a hilarious venture as Blake tried to use his artistic ability to draw Montana's face! She was distraught at the outcome so we touched it up with big red lips, long eyelashes and some glittery cheeks:)

Christmas month later!

These pics are in opposite order because we spent Christmas in Birmingham this year (due to Brad's surgery) and then the girls and I went to Luling after Christmas(Blake had to work)! It was a sweet, sweet Christmas with family and Santa even came to our house!! So, the pics actually start with the end of our Christmas celebration and end with Christmas Eve/Christmas Day:)
New dance outfits from Neenee and Pawpaw

Sage looks unsure if she likes her new pjs;)
Montana cruisin' on her new scooter/scootch from Grandma and Pappy!

Christmas with extended Picard family

Christmas at Great Granny and Great Pawpaw's house

Uncle Mikey was able to take leave from Hawaii to visit after Christmas...and his nieces and nephews loved seeing him!!

Landon wasn't so sure about his caretaker:)

Cousins on Christmas Day at Brad and Stacey's

Montana giving Sage her gift Christmas morning

Our family Christmas pic for 2010:)

The Booth crew on Christmas Day

Montana's turn

Sage's turn

On Christmas Eve we noticed that Santa sent Montana and Sage an email:)

Merry Christmas

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chattanooga Fun!

Our family took a weekend trip to Chattanooga for a little vacation getaway the weekend before Christmas. We had a good time hanging out together, swimming at the hotel, going to the Children's museum and aquarium, and just relaxing! Montana didn't feel well the week before we left and was getting over a virus which Sage started with that weekend. So, not the best timing but sweet memories nonetheless:).
Sage napping while we ate at The Big River Grille
Montana's reindeer antlers she made at the museum
Sage climbing at the museum

After a little heated indoor pool swim our first morning

Blake jogged next door to the pool

When we got in the hotel room, first thing Sage wanted to do was undress!

Blake was happy to relax
And Montana was ready to sleep, poor thing!

Our last night, we took a train ride on the Polar Express to see Santa!!