Monday, March 26, 2012

Fancy Nancy

Jane O'Conner, the author of the Fancy Nancy series, visited Oxford in early March! The Oxford Ballet performed at the beginning and then the children were served pink lemonade and was so cute!! Montana's teacher was there so she had fun sitting with her...and Sage just soaked it all in!


Over the last month, we have celebrated these three precious lives! Montana and Sage had their official half birthdays which was special for them and an easy way to remember them as they
grow so incredibly fast!! I baked a half of cake and we sang...Happy Half-Birthday to You! The pics of Auggie are at his 10 month mark when he became fascinated with pointing:). Since then he has grown a ton(seems like) and is becoming such a big boy(11 month pics coming)!

At the end of February my sister and her kiddos, and our friend, Lynette, and her kiddos, came to Oxford for the weekend! Eight children(7 years old and under), 3 mommas, and 1 man made for a crazy, good time!!! Blake took the older kids to the playground one afternoon while the little ones napped and we(the moms) relaxed! He took some fun pics while they were playing! We did smores on the fire pit one night too! I'm so glad they made the drive!!!

The race!
Tristan with the digger
Sage singing??
Sage and Aiden swinging...they had a blast playing together!
In front of the courthouse
Ice cream at Holli's on the way home! Thanks Blake for your help!!
We sang Happy Birthday to Aiden and Allie when they arrived because their birthdays were a few weeks ago!

Class Party!

Sage and August joined me for Montana's class Valentine's Day party! I realize this is so behind but these pics are fun memories!

Auggie enjoying storytime

Miss Mandy reading to the group

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Orleans!

I'm back! My blogger app has given me much grief as I've tried to blog several times so I'm giving up on it! Now I will blog on the computer...Ok, where was I...We drove down to New Orleans, about a month ago for Blake's Ophthalmology Conference. We had a fun dinner out with my brother and his wife, met up with some old friends for a parade, and enjoyed some sweet time with family!!!

August was not so happy about being confined to his carseat so we let him drive...which he loved!

Anna, Montana, Sage, and Jack waiting for the parade...such a treat to see them!

He enjoyed his ride home much better!
While everyone was feasting on king cake, August ate his toes...ewww!