Sunday, May 27, 2012

Montana's TOOTH

 Montana lost her first tooth tonight!!  Oh my goodness, I really can't believe it!  We were eating dinner at our friend's house and she bit into her corn on the cob and THAT'S IT!!  The slight problem is that we could not find that tooth!  We checked I'm thinking she swallowed it:/ what?!?

Henry, Hogan, and Sage eating dessert:)


 We traveled to Louisiana last weekend because my dad was ordained as a pastor at the church where I grew up.  It was an amazing time to worship and reflect on how gracious God has been to our family through saving each of us, which began with my dad!!  I wanted to take a picture but didn't, however, its an evening I will not forget!  I love you, Dad, and thank you for your service, obedience, and sacrifice!

On the way down, we stopped in Baton Rouge at Grandma and Pappy's house and enjoyed a quick visit and swimming, of course!!  Lyn brought her crew over Saturday for an early morning swim which was so much fun too!!!

 Tristan and Sage
 Montana and Mikayla
 Grandma and Pappy relaxing
 This is a fairy garden that the girls helped Grandma build
 Paw Paw and the girls snuggling
Auggie and Uncle Stephen...I have always thought they looked a lot alike!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Myrtle and 5-0

We found Myrtle and 5-0(pronounced fiveoh) on two separate walks in the the same week on the side of the road.  I knew the girls would love having them as pets for a bit so we picked them up and kept them in a big ice chest in the backyard.  Actually, August loved them too...he would point at the ice chest whenever we walked in the backyard.  Last week, after having them a few weeks, we decided to put them back in the lake. I snapped a few pictures as we told them goodbye...

Bakery Chef!

Montana was invited by twin friends at school to their birthday party last week.  It was at Emmileigh's Bakery on the Square and was just the cutest birthday party!  She was so proud of her cake she decorated and she and Sage played bakery all afternoon that day!  Blake picked her up from the party and she walked in the house saying, "Here is my wonderful creation," in a peculiar accent...silly girl!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

End of School Celebration

Miss Mandy, Montana's teacher, threw a party for her students on Monday called "The Greatest Celebration on Earth." All parents were invited to attend and celebrate with her this wonderful school year coming to an end!  Mandy has been such an answered prayer and we have told her that over and over!!  The classroom was completely decorated like a circus, she served "circus" food, and made a scrapbook for each student of their work throughout the entire school year!!!  She truly loves her students and we will miss her lots!  Montana has already invited her over for dinner this summer:)

Mandy gave the kids big ties and fake mustaches;)

So sweet!

Ms. Margie has been one of Mandy's helpers in the classroom this year and she has been incredibly sweet to Sage!  She always makes sure she is taken care of, holds her hand when walking, and even carried her through the mud at the dairy farm!  Teachers are so special!!!


This little man loves him some wheels! 

Geaux Tigers

 The Tigers came to town this weekend to play baseball and we were so excited!  Blake and I brought the girls on Friday night and they loved it!  We went to dinner before and then enjoyed another fun night at the ballpark!  It was Sage's first LSU sporting event to attend and she LOVED it!  She loved it so much that she was begging to go back the next day!  Friday nights game went 13 innings long!!  We ended up leaving in the 11th because we had to let our sweet babysitter get home and get those girlies in bed!  So, Blake and I listened to the last inning on the radio when we got home and LSU WON!!!

 This was Sunday afternoon and it was HOT!  LSU ended up winning big after they lost on Saturday so we were glad to have been at the winning games:)
 This was Sagie Friday night...can you tell she loved it?!?
 Friday night fun!!!
 This is our special friend Catie and my best friend from home, Marcie.  They drove up for the game on Saturday but realized it was too hot and kids were napping so they came over to hang out!  The kids had a blast playing together and slip n sliding!!  We are so glad we were able to spend the afternoon together!
Look at that adorable smile!!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Ballpark

 We have spent the past few Monday evenings at the ballpark for Montana's tee ball games!  She is having fun playing with friends and even scooped up a grounder this week!! Sage has a new friend she runs around with each week while Auggie crawls around smashing bugs!!

August and our loot...ha!

 The Angels
 Getting ready!