Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Celebrating Easter!!

 We had a wonderful Easter as we celebrated a RISEN SAVIOR who gave his life for us!!!  Here are some pictures...the girls sang on Palm Sunday at church, then we had my sis, Lyn, and Mikayla, Tristan, and Landon visit for a few days, Sage had an egg hunt at MMO, then Grandma and Pappy came for Easter weekend!!!  

Sage was singing her little heart out!
 Montana singing about God's great love!
 The girls put on a few shows for us...and Auggie wanted to join in!
 Tristan after drinking Uncle Blake's oreo milkshake
 Pinterest idea:  Bunny cinnamon rolls for breakfast!
 We dyed Easter eggs one afternoon
 Montana helping Sage at her class egg hunt
 Sagie had so much fun!!
 The girls and I made a bunny cake
 Grandma and Pappy kept the kids one night while we had a date night:)
 Easter morning!!
 Ready for church!  I was so excited about their matching:)
 The Booth Bunch
 They were d.o.n.e....can you tell?  This pic is hilarious!
My handsome little man...who is almost 2!!!!

Spring Break

Blake had a long weekend off for spring break and we thought and thought about options for a fun time away!  And guess what we decided to do???  RENT AN RV!!!!  Is that nuts?? Are we crazy??  Lost our marbles??  We did for a moment and next thing we knew we were clanging and banging down the road in an RV on our way to Branson!!  We made memories for sure and the girls beg to go back pretty regularly!  I must admit, it was overall fun(def some rough times).  We rode the duck boats, went to the Dixie Stampede, went fishing,  rented a boat, watched dancing fountains, drank the best Oreo milkshake, threw rocks, fed ducks, and just enjoyed being together. 

Blake said he got lots of looks in the 1-800-rv4rent mobile!
The duck quackers

Ordered pizza one night
 Boys love boats!

Blake's catch(which he cooked and we ate)
 Mommy and kiddos at Dixie Stampede...they loved it!

 Montana at indoor watermark
 Sage having fun!!
 The girls and their souvenir hats
Silly boy and his hat!

Blythe's Shower and Baby Elliot

 We are thrilled to announce the newest baby in the family, Elliot Adam Picard, who was born April 2 to Stephen and Blythe.  In early March we threw a baby shower for Blythe at Mom and Dad's house and showered her with love and gifts...and ate good food!  Exactly a month later they welcomed Elliot to the world.  God is so good!!!

Blythe and the soon-to-be grandmothers

Big yawn from Lil E
 Sage just couldn't get enough of him:)