Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our New Swimmer!!!

Sage took swim lessons this past week and Blake was able to watch her yesterday at her last lesson... and video!!  We are proud of you, Sage!  We knew you could do it!!!

Last Tball Game!

 Montana's last tee ball game was Thursday!  She ended the season with a hit from a pitch and Blake got it on video!  We are proud of you for playing so hard!

The trophy

Auggie's 1st haircut!

 Well, it was time to cut big boy's locks.  My mom and I took him on the deck out back earlier this week and I went-a-trimming!  When Blake got home from work, he decided I needed to straighten it out a little so we worked on it some more...and here is his new haircut!!! Which makes him officially a big boy because he is now walking most of the time!  Time flies when you are having fun!!!!  

 What are you doing to me??

 My big boy!


 Sage has been asking and asking and finally started gymnastics this past week!  She loved it, to say the least, and asked to go back all week long!  She was too cute!  Montana, August and I peeked in the window most of the time(that's why the pics look funky)!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Family Pics

 We attempted family pics one night and several came out pretty good but trying to get a 5, 3, 2, and 1 year old to take a picture was pretty much impossible!!!!
Our family

 Brad and Stace
 Brad and his nieces 
 Breland, Beth, and Barrett
 Grandma and Pappy with their grandkids
 The whole crew 
 Take 1...
 Take 2...
Take 3...oh well

Beach 2012!!!

We returned from Destin last week after enjoying several days of fun in the sun!  We did tons of swimming, rode rides at The Track, and hung out with family and friends(our friends, the Finleys, from Birmingham, who now live in Tulsa, were at the beach while we were and we enjoyed a morning together...such a treat)!!  We met all of the Booths there and it was so much fun catching up and being together!!  Thanks Grandma and Pappy for getting the trip together!

Swimming at Sandestin with Brad and Stacey 

Blake and Breland took Auggie out to ride the waves
The girls working on a sand castle
Sage was worried about the boy in the "deep end"
Augs had the best time scooting all around the beach
Cousins working hard
Blake and Breland working on their fort/sandcastle
Proud Uncle Breland
Blake really getting into it!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Blueberry Picking

The kiddos and I went blueberry picking a couple weeks ago, just before we went to the beach!  We went with the Oxford Moms and Tots group and had so much fun filling our buckets!  August couldn't get enough blueberries!!

 Montana, Sage, and McLean

 So sweet!!

Daddy Date

We ended Memorial Day weekend with a Daddy/Daughter date to Taco Bell!!!  They ran upstairs and picked out their clothes, put a little gloss on, and had the best time hanging out with their daddy:)!!!