Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Birthday Girl #2

Our baby is 1!!! The tailgate party was great and thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us! My dear friend, Lindsey, volunteered her husband to cook a BIG pot of yummy jambalaya for us! Much thanks to you, Todd! Sage is such a delight. She smiles ALL day and wakes up smiling! We couldn't be more grateful and humbled by God's gift of children! We love you Sage!!!!
Girl cousins with Aunt Lyn

Master chef, Todd

Diggin in!
The Birthday cake
Lovin' it!
Kissy face
Makin' a mess
Yeah for chocolate icing

Montana's First LSU football game

Oh, what fun! This was the age I started going to LSU football games, therefore, I should probably feel old taking my oldest daughter;) but it was a memorable time! She made friends with several people sitting around us, shared peanuts with one of them, spilled a drink on an innocent lady, and did lots of cheering! Montana loved it, especially hanging out with her cousin!

In the middle of eating Sage's birthday cake
Cheering...can you tell it's humid???
Cheering...def my favorite part as a child

Even used binoculars(not sure what she's looking at though)

Montana and Mikayla

Mo and Blake going to see Mike before the game

This is after the game. Not tired, I guess, because she wanted to roll down the hills.

She'll pose anywhere

She did change seats quite a few times...visiting Mom, Dad, and Maw-Maw Mae
On the way to the game:)

Monday, September 21, 2009


Happy Birthday Sage! We celebrated on Saturday and had an LSU tailgate party with friends and was so fun! Sage gobbled up her cupcake, just like Montana did on her first bday! I have many more pics I will put up soon but I wanted to get this up! Montana is pictured below at her first...they look so different but certainly like sisters! You can see what you think!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beach Bums!

We were beach bums for Labor Day weekend and loved it!!! Not too much to say except that we all had fun as you will see in the pics!

Montana and Mr. Baylor...can't you tell she's having fun?
The view from our condo
Some of our fellow beach bums: lindsey, liz, dianna, and scott
Mo and Sage playin in the sand
Happy as can be!
All the kiddos(minus baby Connor)
Montana holding baby Connor
Daddy and daughter playing in the waves
Playing "push the table"
Us 4