Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cutie Pies

I may be biased but these girls are great models! They make anything look cute;)...even this old material from the 70's(no offense mom). Also, Sage has started making 'sweet eyes' the past couple of days...which is cracking us up! She especially likes making them at Daddy!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Well, it's a call night(last of 4 weekends!!!!!) and I'm inspired to blog(thanks to LPM blog, which is great!). Besides, I always have something to is NOT boring in this abode. But, I think I'm going to start narrating under each pic...if there is a 'story' or fyi to tell. Okay, here goes...
On our way to the Spring Festival at the elementary school around the corner. I hoped we could meet some friends at Stadiumfest, but Blake was postcall(aka 1 hour of sleep) so I gladly settled for a quick trip down the street! Sage loves kickin' those feet up on the bar when she's taking a stroll....and Mo with that tongue! And, I think Blake was the main attraction at the fest with his LSU shirt on....geaux tigers!

She's having a ball in the jumper...amidst 'big boys and girls'
Sage was entertained watching the kids in the jumper. I must add that she LOVES her sister! She will get those legs kickin' when Montana is in the room...and she'll stretch her neck, swing her head around, etc. to find, so sweet:)! They bring me MUCH joy!
I made these pillowcase dresses for the girls this week

Another thing Sage LOVES is her sippy cup! She prefers to drink water than to eat her baby food. We'll be moving on to table food soon...

We all LOVE when Blake plays guitar...even Tonto. He doesn't play often but I can't wait until he has a little extra time to do so. I know he's relaxed and enjoying himself when he's playing. He can't wait to serve our Lord and minister to others through song soon too! We bought a songbook so he could play a variety of songs from 'He's Got the Whole World in His Hands' to 'My Country tis of Thee.' We're having fun with it:)!

Montana is making a request
Like I said, Sage doesn't love the baby food all that much...I think the face explains it best

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Obviously, it's been a while since I posted and messed up the layout:)...see my 'story' below pics!

I thought Montana and Sage were lookin' cute before church this morn
Those girls love to swing...NeeNee is helping out
Sweet girl

Easter family pic
The Easter bunny hopped to our house(says Montana)

Porter, Mrs.Katie, Campbell, Anna, and those loving sisters at the Finley's

Egg hunt with Porter

But he prefered to mow

Mo has learned to ride her bike
and is still learning how to steer;)
Sorry, I have really slacked on the blog. Life seems extremely busy lately, but maybe it's because spring is here so we're getting out more! Beautiful weather makes me think of the Creator. Aren't you amazed how much he loves us...though we are so undeserving?!?! Here's what's been up with us...Blake had his OKAPS test yesterday and we are SO GLAD it's over...and sure he did great! Montana had the stomach bug a couple of weeks ago. We had a scrumptous Easter brunch with the Finley's and Peterson's! I planted some tomato plants last week and hope to see some tasty tomatoes soon. Blake and I went to see Wicked this past, so good! My mom, sister, niece, and nephew came to visit for a couple days during their Easter break!