Friday, July 31, 2009

Birthday Weekend:-)

What a special 29th!!! My brother, Mikey, made a last-minute trip from Hawaii to visit for mine and my dad's birthday...and to see everyone, of course! We are such a blessed nation to have people like Mikey serve us in the military...thanks for making the trip and thanks for serving us, Peez!!!

The girls with Uncle Mikey
Out to brunch for my milk?
Blake took this pic of he and my sis. He's crazy.
The other table...
Blake's dish...fried oysters, poached eggs, potatoes, and hollandaise
My dish...smoked salmon and brie on rye topped with fried eggs
After EVERYONE in the restaurant sang, Blake leaned over for a smooch and it really threw me!
Red Velvet and ice cream. mmmmm.....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We all scream for ice cream

Ice cream is certainly our treat of choice on these hot, summer days. Ever since Sage had a taste of the yummy stuff when we visited the blue bell creamery, she gives meaning to 'we all scream for ice cream.'

We strolled down to the ice cream shop Sunday evening while Blake was working and had to leave because Sage was screaming so loudly. I told Montana to scoot back in the stroller and eat it so that Sage couldn't see her because she would have screamed the whole way home!!
A visit to TCBY a couple of weeks ago....

And again!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Breland and Beth's Engagement=Weekend at the Lake

Breland and Beth are engaged! And because of their engagement, we were invited to spend the weekend at Lake Martin to celebrate with them. Breland surprised Beth with a family "party" weekend which included swimming, boat-riding, and hanging out! It's always amazing to see how God brings two people together and we think they are perfect for each other!
Beth hates mid-sentence pics but this is all I've got. The brand new, engaged couple!
Mo and I drying off after a swim.
Montana and Blake getting ready for a boatride and wakeboarding

She was quite concerned about Daddy falling down in the water

You never would have known it's been 6+ years since he's done that! My man has skill!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Montana wanted me to take she and Sage's picture yesterday while they were having a snack. I love to take their pics so I consented! Here they are at post-nap snacktime!

Love the "do"

"Why are you taking a picture of us, Mommy?"

Montana clapping

Sage clapping...will get a video up tonight, hopefully!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blue Bell Creamery and Chick-fil-a

I took a few pictures while we were out and about last week. We met our friends Jessica, Jack, and Mary Jane at the Blue Bell Creamery in Sylacauga, AL for a tour and ice cream. Mmmmm! I am still amazed that the workers get to eat blue bell everyday for free while they take "break"!!!! Could you imagine? I'm sure they have happy employees!

Sage's first taste of ice cream at the very place they make it...I thought that was cool!
Bad pic, but that's our buddies
Lovin' the ice cream

We headed to the library and then to McD's for lunch where Sage and Mary Jane were thought to be twins. Jessica and I didn't correct her...I thought it was kinda cute!

Mo playing in the playplace
Sage, Montana, and Mary Jane...Montana said they were both her sisters

Later in the week, we met some friends at Chick-fil-a for "dress up like a cow, get free chicken" day. We met two new ladies and their children who just moved here for their husbands to do residency/fellowship. I can't believe we have been here a year already!

Really wanted to hug the cow!

I hate that I didn't get a pic of the "cowgirls", but here is Montana enjoying her chicken

Monday, July 6, 2009

And she crawls...

A Belated Happy Fourth from Us!!!

Louisiana Week

We ventured across South Louisiana last week and visited with family while Blake worked his last few days as a 1st year ophtho resident! Hooray for Blake! Now he can join us on roadtrips:)!!!!

Playing at NeNe and PawPaw's...Sage doesn't look so blog-worthy but Mo's face made me post it!

PawPaw and Mo

Popsicle break

Must have gotten thirsty on the slide;)

Movie time with Uncle Caleb

KK had her 5th birthday party while we were in's the birthday girl
And the buddies at the party
Sage in the princess chair at Grandma and Pappy's

Mo jumping to Pappy...she is quite the swimmer...I'm thinking swim team next year?!?

Sage and her great grand-mother in their festive clothes!

Sage's Dedication

Last weekend we dedicated Sage to the Lord before our friends and family. We wanted to publicly commit ourselves to raising her, as well as Montana, to know and love Jesus! It was so special and we anticipate the day when our daughters commit to having a personal relationship with Him!!!

The cross in the chapel...oh, the WONDERFUL cross
Family came to share this time with us...aren't they adorable?
Enjoying the moment
Sage stared at Bro.Gary/Dr.Fenton quite invasively the entire time!
Montana Mae did wonderful listening and watching. She asked me if we were going to sing and dance on the stage that morning at breakfast;)

Second Child

Our friend took this pic of Sage, and Blake and I love it! We wanted to share it with the world:)!